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The CCAPL (Carroll County Animal Protection League) was presented a check on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 from the Fraternity Order of Eagle's # 2185 - Carrollton, Ohio by Eagle's President, Skeet Burke & Secretary David Yuncker in the amount of $6,093.38. to CCAPL President Eileen Rohrer, Vice-President, Lorna Whaley, and Director Lynne Prince. 

Thanks Eagle's for your continued contributions and support towards our no-kill animal shelter construction. These funds will be applied to the interior stud walls cost of $9,717.00 which is now completed. (Picture courtesy of Leigh Ann Rutledge and Carol McIntire- Free Press Standard- Carrollton).

Picture & information provided from the Free Press Standard August 24th, 2017:

The staff and residence at Centreville Village on Kensington Rd. of Carrollton, Ohio, have been raising funds with various fundraisers to donate to the Carroll County Animal Protection League throughout the year. Staff are Laura Hanna, Centreville Administrator & Dana Aston, Director of Activities, & Chuck Howell, a resident of CV.

CCAPL members accepting the donation of $606.97 are Lorna Whaley, Vice- President, and Lynne Prince, Director. We thank them for their support and their awesome donation!

This youngster, age 12, Bray Jones, donated the money given to him for his birthday, instead of getting presents, to the CCAPL Treasurer Patti Willoughby at our regular meeting, August 3rd. 2017.

What a kind and generous young fellow to do this for the CCAPL!

He gave us $200.00, plus, he also raised $100.00 on the CCAPL's Go Fund Me page!

Awesome gift Bray! Thank you so much!

(Bray is the son of Carisa Jones of Carrolton, Ohio)

This is one of the six teams that participated in our 1st. Golf Scramble, July 8th, 2017 at Carroll Meadows Golf Course on Rt. 9 Carrollton, Ohio.

This is one of 3 teams from the Bechtel Corporation Power Plant on Rt. 9, Carrollton, Ohio. CCAPL member Shane Sutka, (2nd. from right).

Great job guys! Thanks for being there and your support!

Thanks to all the 18 golf hole sponsor:

Rosalee and Matthew Davis, Lisa Sheppler, Sheila Sheppler, Janice Bungard & Dave Chociej, Shane & Melanie Beohm, Consumer's National Bank, William Martin, Eileen & Fred Rohrer, Toni & Don Peters, Connie Buchheit, Vivian Jury, Sandy Russell-Hair Etc., Rae Fry - Normandy ATM, Dave Bodo & Associates, Inc., J & B Café.

On June 1st, 2017, Rylie Little & Breanna Rakes presented our Treasurer, Patti Willoughby $66.00 for our "Pennies for Paws" campaign by collecting all those pennies for us!

These sweet girls are the great grandchildren of Ben and Shirley McCloskey.

Thanks so much!

Some participants in the Dec. 10th, and Dec. 17th.2016. Photos with Santa held at Tractor Supply Center, Carrollton, Ohio.

We thank all of you who came out and had their photos taken! Thanks for your support!

8th. Annual Benefit Dinner & Silent Auction 10-22-16

Guest speaker, Andy Slezak of the Dogs 4 Warriors from Bowerston, Ohio.

With him is Michael Maresh and his dog "Ice" Also Joshua Jones and his dog "Shadow".

They are all Veterans who have served our country well. Thanks guys for serving our country!

At the August 4th, 2016 meeting of the CCAPL Lois & Mike Fry and children and Mother of the 3 of the children in the photo (40 children made them) presented us with 87 cloth tug dog toys they made at the "Animals Unleashed" Vacation Bible School held at the Church of God on Moody Ave, Carrollton. We thank them for their donation of the dog toys! We will have some of these at our up-coming fundraisers!

July 11, 2016. CCAPL President, Eileen Rohrer, Vice-President Lorna Whaley, Directors Lynne Prince and Barbara Manning accepting a check for $5,000.00 for our animal shelter construction from the Bechtel Power Corporation and the many C.C. Constructors, LLC Crafters working on the Bechtel Power Plant on St. Rt. 9, outside of Carrollton, Ohio. We thank them for their generous gift!

1st. Place winner in the Dress-up contest at the People and Critter Strut- held June 18th. 2016 at the Carroll County Fairgrounds.

Linda Short and her dog "Ace".

Judges were: Cheryl Halter and Doug Bettis

2nd. place winner in the Dress-up contest at the People and Critter Strut- held June 18th. 2016 at the Carroll County Fairgrounds.

Keria Taggart and her do "Mo".

Judges were: Cheryl Halter and Doug Bettis

3rd. place winner in the Dress-up contest at the People and Critter Strut- held June 18th. 2016 at the Carroll County Fairgrounds

Lorna Whaley and her two dogs "Popcorn" and "Peanuts"

Judges were: Cheryl Halter and Doug Bettis

May 10, 2016

We thank the Carroll Hills Industries Workshop participants for their donation of the proceeds of their hot stand held at Thorne's Grocery May 2 - 5, 2016.

Their donation in the amount of $715.76 is greatly appreciated. As stated to Sabrina Seal, Integration Coordinator and Heidi Dunn, Communications Employment Specialist, the proceeds will go towards the plumbing installation in our no-kill animal shelter.

Thursday, April 7th, 2016 meeting.

The Carroll Carroll County Animal Protection League was presented a check for $3,593.57 as a first quarterly payment for 2016 from the Fraternal Order of Eagles # 2185 by Eagle's President Skeet Burke, and Secretary David Yuncker to the CCAPL's President Eileen Rohrer and CCAPL Treasurer, Patti Willoughby.

We thank the Fraternal Order of Eagle's for their generosity and support! Their donation will go towards the cement installation, by Richmond Concrete of Carrollton, which we will be doing in the early summer or as soon as possible. The rough-in plumbing, by Smith Piping Co. of Carrollton, will be installed first as soon as possible. (photo courtsey of Leigh-Ann Rutledge of the Free Press Standard - Carrollton).

On July 7th,2016, we received the second donation of $3,074.81 from the  Fraternal Order of Eagles #2185. We thank them for their generous gift and support!

CCAPL member, Lynette Fessenmeyer and her two dogs, along with Jennifer Walsh and her three dogs, visited the residents of the St. Luke Lutheran Community-(assisted living residence)- Minerva, Ohio, on Sat. March 26th. 2016. The ladies and gentlemen there really enjoyed all the dogs and the speakers. (Roger Fessenmeyer took the pictures for us.) Thanks to all!

At the August 6th, 2015 CCAPL meeting, the following young ladies presented our Treasurer, Patti Willoughby with their 3 coffee cans full of pennies for our "Pennies for Paws" campaign! Thank you young ladies!

Rylie Little, Jocelynn Nuske, & Breanna Rakes. 

These sweet girls are the daughters of Lindsey Rakes, and the great grandchildren of Ben and Shirley McCloskey.

Thank you so much for collecting the pennies for us!

The total amount of pennies and coins was $79.50!!